Entries opened for the 2013 WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships in Canberra, Australia, at the conclusion ofthe 2012 Championships in Italy.   Entries are open now.

Online entries close at 2200 Canberra time on 5 Ocotber 2013.   We will accept entries after that date by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. however the provision of event items such as; getting the correct shirt sizes, being allocated a race number to reflect your ranking, and solo pit row placement cannot be guaranteed.

The entry cost is $250 (Australian) and you can also hire a complete pit row tent, fitted with power, light, table and chairs.

You can also purchase tickets to the presentation dinner on Sunday evening.   Riders will be required to purchase a $20 Race Day License for the event.   This will be reimbursed at registration on production of an in-date MTBA (Mountain Bike Australia) Membership card.   If you are coming from overseas and plan on staying and doing some other races, then it may be worth joining CORC (the host club for WEMBO 2013), which will mean you don't have to pay day licenses at any other MTBA sanctioned race in Australia for 12 months.   About 4 additional races is the break-even point.
You can also purchase hire packages for a gas heater package (if you're worried about your pit crew getting cold), flooring, or an empty marquee tent.   All riders get a 3m x 3m allocated space in the pit row for their support as part of their entry, and they can provide their own tent at no charge, but we cannot provide power or gas heating to tents you provide yourself.

You can  Enter WEMBO 2013 Here.




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