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The locations for WEMBO World Championships have been selected as iconic 24 hour race locations around the world. The locations include opportunities



Subject to the section in Rules on Eligibility to Enter, it is WEMBO's aim not to restrict riders who wish to enter the WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour



The minimum race-age for entry is 18 - however please see the Categories and Rider Age section of the rules.   In some countries, riders aged as



Enter WEMBO 2018 - Fort William, Scotland 20/21 October

Online Entry
You enter a WEMBO World Solo 24 hour Championships using the entry system of the



WEMBO, the Race Organisers, the Chief Commissaire, or the Race Director reserve the right to change any rules and regulations at any time to provide



International Riders may be required to take out a race permit (sometimes referred to as a day licence) applicable to the host nation of the event, in



These prizes are the minimum which will be provided. Individual events can include additional prizes.   Cash prizes, medals, finisher momentos




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