In Australia, we drive on the left side of the road.   For our international visitors, we would like you to drive on that side too.   Please note that traffic speed limits in Australia are rigidly enforced.

There are some maps for viewing and downloading in the event support album.

International Travel. If you are flying in from overseas, it is best to fly into Sydney. The drive from Sydney to Canberra is all on freeway/tollway and the range of rider support vehicles for hire is greater in Sydney. The one-way toll is less than $5 however it cannot be paid in cash, you will require to log on an pay by credit card or phone and there is a period of grace to do this, normally 72 hours.   Driving may also save you some money, as excess baggage charges within Australia can be relatively expensive.

If you want to set up an E-Toll account for all Sydney Toll Roads, you can do this online within the 72 hour period of grace and book a plan for up to 30 days.   You only pay for the toll charges you incur.   Log on here to do this.

International Riders - Visa Requirements.   Non-Australian citizens may require visas to visit Australia.   The Australian Department of Immigration has a Visa Wizard which will help you find the right type, and from some countries you can apply for an Electronic Travel Authority for up to 3 months.   A 3 month visa should also cover you if you want to have a holiday in Australia before or after the WEMBO World Championships.   Most riders simply apply for a Visitor or Tourist visa.   These can be applied for for up to 12 months, but a fee will apply.   Canberra Off-Road Cyclists can supply a letter of invitation should you require one for your visa application.   These have to be personalised, so if you require this letter, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. once you have entered the WEMBO World Championships and we will provide one.   This is not a formal sponsorship letter, as Canberra Off-Road Cyclists are not guaranteeing accommodation, food or employment for you.

Air Travel in Australia.   The major airlines in Australia are QANTAS and Virgin Blue. Canberra airport is 7 Km from the city centre, or 18 Km from the event village.

Bus Travel from Sydney International Airport to Canberra.   You can also travel by bus from Sydney international airport to the centre of the city of Canberra.   This takes about 3 hours and is less expensive than flying.   A one-way bus trip should cost between $30 and $50 but you can make savings by booking in advance.   The most frequent services are provided by Murrays or Greyhound.

Driving to Canberra. With a good highway system linking Canberra to surrounding New South Wales, driving to Canberra is simple. Stop at the Canberra & Regional Visitors Centre at 330 Northbourne Avenue for helpful information on your way into town. Canberra is about 3 hours drive south-west of Sydney, or 7 hours drive north of Melbourne.

  • From Sydney. Direct Driving Route: (3 hours)
Leave Sydney via the M5 tollway, connecting to Hume Highway 31. Turn off after Goulburn onto the Federal Highway.   There are 4 pages in the event support album which will show you all the road signs and intersections from Sydney International Airport.

  • From Melbourne. Direct Driving Route: (7 hours) 
Follow the City Link tollway to the Western Ring Road, connecting to the Hume Highway. Near Yass, take the Barton Highway turnoff to Canberra.

  • From Adelaide. Direct Driving Route: (11 hours)
Take the South Eastern freeway towards the Mallee Highway and Sturt Highway, connecting to the Hume Highway. At Yass, take the Barton Highway turnoff to Canberra.

  • From Brisbane. Direct Driving Route: (13 hours)
Follow the Pacific Highway south to Sydney then take the Hume Highway to Goulburn, turning onto the Federal Highway to Canberra.   There is also an inland route which goes west from Brisbane to Goondiwindi, then south on the Newell Highway through Narrabri, Coonabarabran (check out the Warrumbungles Mountains), Dubbo, Cowra then onto the Hume Highway near Yass, then as per the directions from Melbourne.   This takes the same time as the coast road, and is a great way to see some of this wide brown land (not to mention some of our strange sounding town names).

Embassies. International riders might want to contact their Embassy or Consulate in Canberra. For previous world-level events, some diplomatic missions have been able to provide some support, or put riders in contact with nationals in the local community to provide assistance or accommodation. This needs to be arranged by the riders themselves.

Currency. The only currency in use at the race will be Australian Dollars ($AUD). All entry fees are quoted in $AUD and prizes will be paid in $AUD. You will be able to exchange currency at all major Australian airports (including Canberra) and at various locations in Canberra, including all major banks.

Language. The official language of Australia is English. All briefings, rules and notices will only be provided in the official language. For international riders from non-english speaking countries, Canberra is the home of all the Embassies, so some local assistance may be available.

Power. Australian power is 240 Volts AC, 50 Hertz. There is an option for international solo riders to hire 110V step down transformers if they have hired a World Solo Pit Row Marquee Package, and to purchase plug adaptors.

Phone/Internet.   For the international visitors, you can get SIM cards, phones and WiFi USB sticks in Sydney International Airport as soon as you clear customs.   Vodaphone have a shop at the International Terminal.

What Else Can I Do in Canberra? There is the Scott 24 hour on the weekend before the WEMBO Worlds.   This is a team-only event and for 2013 it will actually be a 25 hour race to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Canberra Off-Road Cyclists.   See the Visit Canberra website for more info about what’s on in Canberra. If you’re staying longer in Australia, then the beaches are about 2 hours drive from Canberra, plus the whole country is waiting for you.

What Else Can I Do in Australia?   Well, apart from the kangaroos, snakes and spiders, there is heaps to do.   But if you're an international rider looking to make the most of your trip down under, then here are a couple of  options for you for weeks of riding.

  • The Scott 24 Hour Teams race is the weekend before (5/6 October) in Canberra.   If you are an international rider who has entered WEMBO 2013, we will give you a free entry to the Scott if you want to form a team with your mates.   Have a fun weekend with 2500 other riders, get some training or get a preview of the Mt Stromlo tracks in race conditions.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.   But wait, there's more!   For 2013 it will actually be a 25 hour race to celebrate the 25th anniversary of CORC.
  • The Croc Trophy is on in Far North Queensland and it starts the weekend after the WEMBO World Solo Champs.    This is a famous stage race from 19 to 27 October in some tough conditions in the Cairns/Cooktown region.   But be warned, its a lot hotter than Canberra.

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