The minimum race-age for entry is 18, however please see the Categories and Rider Age section of the rules.   In some countries, riders aged as low as 16 may be allowed to enter the U23 Age Group Categories.

The rider’s race-age is calculated as on 31 December of the year of the event. The categories available, for both Male and Female riders, are:


Single Speed

Under 23









The 60+ age category may be further sub-divided into 60-64, 65-69 and 70+ at the discretion of the Race Organiser and subject to entry numbers in the categories.

What Category Should I Enter ?

For their gender, a rider can enter Elite, Single-Speed or Age-Group but a rider can only enter one category in the event.   The World Champion title will only be awarded to the winners of the Elite Category (Male and Female), even if a rider from another age category comes in ahead of them.   This is because the Elite categories may have their own separate start time, or, in very large events, their own separate course.   The Elite categories are open to all riders aged 18 or greater.   If you want to be the world champion and have your name on the perpetual WEMBO trophy - enter Elite.

Wembo does not have any requirements about entering Elite versus Age-Group.   That is the rider's decision and they need to make that decision based on their appreciation of their own abilities and their own aims for the race.   WEMBO appreciates that as more new riders and new countries join the WEMBO family, it may be difficult for new riders to initially determine whether they should enter Age-Group or Elite and that over several years a rider might decide to move from Elite to Age-Group or the other way around.

Changing Category

A final start list will be published at the close of Registration on the day before the race start, and will be available at the Race Brief.   This may be published either electronically, available online or as a printout.   If the Race Brief is conducted on the day before race start, then riders have 30 minutes after conclusion of the Race Brief to advise the Race Director of any category changes.   After that time, no changes to the starting list, by rider or category, are permitted.   If the Race Brief is conducted on the day of the race start, then the closing time for category changes is 1800 on the day before race start.   A Rider cannot change their category on the day of the race or during the race.

If a rider has entered themselves incorrectly; for example, if a male rider has entered a female category; or a rider using a geared bike has entered Single-Speed; then WEMBO may change the riders category at any time at its sole discretion and/or apply a penalty if deemed appropriate.




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