Subject to the section in Rules on Eligibility to Enter, it is WEMBO's aim not to restrict riders who wish to enter the WEMBO World or Continental Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships. Once an entry has been paid for, it will be valid for the event. If a WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championship event is oversubscribed, then the Race Organiser has the right to close entries before the advertised closing date.

Even after entries have officially closed, WEMBO will still accept applications from National and World Champion level riders up to 1 week prior to the championship start date. This application must be made to WEMBO by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


National Eligibility

A rider will be entered according to the country of their citizenship.   If a rider is a permanent resident in another country and wishes to ride for that country, they can apply to WEMBO for permission.   A rider will only be allowed to change nationality or regional eligibility once.

A rider cannot race in two different continental championships in the same calendar year.   (See the section below on riding in out-of-region continental championships.)


Continental Championships Eligibility

Regions.   WEMBO Continental Championships are held for 3 regions; Europe, Americas and Asia/Pacific.
• Europe includes the European land mass west of 90° East, Great Britain, Iceland, Africa and Greenland.
• Americas includes North and South America and Pacific Islands which are states or territories of American Nations.
• Asia/Pacific is the Asian land mass east of 90° East, Japan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand SE Asian Nations and SW Pacific nations.

Special Cases.   Application for special cases can be made to WEMBO.   As an example - a rider from Russia who lives in Vladivostok could choose to ride in either the European or Asia/Pacific WEMBO Continental Championships (but not both).


Riding in Out-of-Region Continental Championships

A rider may enter a WEMBO Continental Championships outside of their region.   This is not defined as 'racing' by WEMBO because the rider in this situation is not eligible for official placings, titles, prize money, prizes, jerseys or medals.   Accordingly it does not constitute 'racing in two different continental championships in the same year' as stated above.   The rider will be removed from the official continental results after the event has concluded.   The most common reason for a rider doing this would be to be able to practice under race conditions at a location which is a future WEMBO World Championships venue.

WEMBO World Championships

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