The Races

The locations for WEMBO World Championships have been selected as iconic 24 hour race locations around the world. The locations include opportunities for non-racing experiences for both the riders and supporters.   This will make your entry in the WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships a truly memorable event for you, your helpers and family.   Many international riders take the opportunity to turn these events into a holiday after the race and the veneues we have selected are perfect for that.   For future events, if the Event Hosts has not yet set up a dedicated WEMBO website, their company/event link is used.

WEMBO World Championship Venues - History and the Future

2012 - Finale Ligure, Italy : 19/20 May

2013 - Canberra, Australia : 12/13 October

2014 - Fort Wiliam, Scotland : 11/12 October

2015 - Weaverville, California, USA : 3/4 October

2016 - Rotorua, New Zealand : 20/21 February

2017 - Finale Ligure, Italy : 2/3 June

2018 - Fort Wiliam, Scotland : 20/21 October

2019 - Costa Rica MS, Brasil : 27/28 July

2020 - All WEMBO events deferred to 2021 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

2021 - WEMBO World Championships deferred due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

2022 - Finale Ligure, Italy : 27-29 May

2023 - Armidale, NSW, Australia : 4/5 November


WEMBO Continental Championship Venues

To provide additional Solo 24 Hour opportunities for riders, the WEMBO members and affiliates host Continental Championships.

2019 - European - Penafiel, Portugal : 21/22 September

2019 - Asia/Pacific - Armidale, NSW, Australia : 9/10 November

2020 - All WEMBO events deferred to 2021 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

2021 - European - not held due to COVID

2021 - Americas - Bend, Oregon, USA : 10/11 July

2022 - European - Jihlava, Czech Republic : 18/19 June

2022 - Americas - Canmore, Alberta, Canada : 27/28 August

2022 - Asia/Pacific - Canberra, Australia : 1/2 October

2023 - European - Macao, Portugal 8/9 July


The course will be set to provide a true mountain-biking experience for the riders, with a lap length suitable for the number of riders entered in the race. The organisers will aim for an average rider track spacing of not less than 35 metres, ideally 45, so there will be plenty of space for overtaking and no points where riders can be blocked.

For events with very large numbers of entrants, the Race Organisers reserve the right to place the Elite riders on a separate course to the Age-Group and Single Speed categories.

Some events may decide to include a teams category in the event. If this is done at a WEMBO World Championships, then the teams will race on a separate course to the Solo riders.  So, the Solo riders will always have their own course, although a common start/finish area may be used.   For a WEMBO Continental Championships, solo riders and teams, and other races such as a solo 6 or 12 hour, can take place on the same course.

The course for each WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships will be made public 2 weeks before the race on the WEMBO website, the Event website and in international forums.


The basic schedule for each WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships will be built on these times.   These times are built on a 1200 start, so if the race is starting earlier or later, these times will vary:


1 Day Before Start







Course Open for Practice, Campsites Open

Registration Opens

Registration Closes

Official Rider Brief (compulsory for riders and 1 helper)

Last time that a rider can change their entry category

Course Closes


Race Start Day






Course Open for Practice

Course Closes for Practice

Riders assemble at Start Line

Race Start (but the start time may vary from event to event)

Compulsory to have lights fitted to start a lap.   Time will be advised at Official Rider Brief.


Race Finish Day







24 hours after Elite category start.

Course is closed, no more laps allowed to be started

A lap finished after this time does not count

Provisional Results Published

Presentations of Elite Winners to media

Complete presentations and Dinner.   This may vary depending on the time and location of presentations.   It could be earlier and podium riders need to be prepared for an earlier podium.


Day after Race Finish


Campsites to be evacuated (unless advised of a later time by the race organisers).




WEMBO World Championships

Australia 2023



WEMBO Continental Championships 2024

See News Section for the latest WEMBO Updates

WEMBO Continental Championships 2023



July 8-9