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Entries are open for the WEMBO 2023 World Solo 24 Hour Championships in Armidale, NSW, Australia (4/5 November 2023).

  • If you have questions about 2023 WEMBO World Champs,  email Russ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • To contact NEMTB about deferred entry from the WEMBO 2020 or 2021 World Championships (cancelled due to COVID-19), you can email them This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Online Entry

You enter a WEMBO World Solo 24 hour Championships using the entry system of the host event.   Check the Enter/Register section for the country of the race.

Entry Limit
The limit for each WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships event will depend on the capacity of the course and host venue.   Each venue has been selected on the basis that they can have 400 solo riders as a minimum.   The limit will be advised when entries open.   If the event is oversubscribed, then the Race Organiser has the right to close entries before the advertised closing date.

Once the entry limit has been reached, WEMBO will still accept applications from National Champion and World Champion level riders. This application must be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by email.

For World Championships:

Race Entry Fee
The race entry fee will be payble on entry in the currency of the host event. It may vary between events depending on the host country and the level of services provided with each entry. As a guide, it is expected that the base level race entry will not exceed $AUS 300 (indexed from the original WEMBO 2012 price limit) or equivalent (approximately $US 200, 180 Euro or 160 Pounds).   This does not include licensing, insurance costs or any hiring costs, which are the responsibility of the rider.

WEMBO Refund Policy
Once a rider has entered and paid the race entry fee, that fee is non-refundable unless subject to differing refund laws of the country in which the event is being conducted.

Other costs, such as hiring costs for a tent, camping etc, are subject to the refund policy of the event organiser.

If a WEMBO event has to be cancelled or postponed because of natural disaster, floods, fire or any other reason, there will be no refunds issued, subject to differing refund laws of the country in which the event is being conducted.

Registration at the Event
Each event will have a separate registration process on the Friday before the race, normally from 1000 to 1300.

Start Lists
Printed start lists will be displayed at Registration and will also be available online.   A final start list will be published at the close of Registration on the Friday before the race, and will be available at the Race Brief.   Riders have 30 minutes after conclusion of the Race Brief to advise the Race Director of any changes.   After that time, no changes to the starting list, by rider or category, are permitted.

On the start line, riders will be checked off against the start lists.   There is no requirement to physically sign-on however this may be done for media purposes.   If so, this will be advised at the Friday race brief.

What Do I Get ?

Solo Pit Area.   Each Solo rider will be allocated a named 3m x 3m solo pit are which has frontage onto the course. These will all be within the Solo Pit Row.   This is where they can be fed, rest or get help.   The rider can erect their own tent in this area, and there will also be facilities for the riders to hire pre-erected tents from the organiser.   The solo rider will receive helper 3 pit passes.   Each Solo Rider can have as many helpers as they want, but only 3 can be in the pits at any one time.

Camping.   There will be camping areas allocated for the riders for the duration of the race.   The exact location will vary with each event and it will be advised by the race organiser.

Battery Charging.   A battery charging facility will be provided for the riders and helpers to charge bike lights. This will be on the basis of one mains power outlet per solo rider at the voltage and outlet socket of the host country. If you need more outlets, you must bring your own multi-outlet power board and any power adaptor plugs you need. No other items can be plugged into this power.

Cooking.   There will be an area inside the Solo Pit Row where helpers can prepare food for their riders.

Number Plates.   Riders receive 2 sets of plates in case they have spare bikes.   The larger front plate must be attached to the bars and be clearly visible.   The smaller rear number plate can be attached to the rider, a backpack, or to the bike bust must be visible from behind.   Number plates cannot be altered or defaced.

Clothing and Promotion Items.   Each rider will receive clothing, bidons and promotional material.   One helper shirt will also be provided.

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