WEMBO 2021 Events : COVID Announcements

COVID-19 continues to be with us all and influence events around the world.   This includes the WEMBO events scheduled for 2021.   Here is the information we have as of 16 April 2021, and our thoughts for future planning:

WEMBO 2021 European Solo 24 Hr Championships.   These have been deferred to 2022, and will be held on 18/19 June 2022 in Jihlava, Czech Republic.

WEMBO 2021 Americas Solo 24 Hr Championships.   These are on schedule for 10/11 July in Bend, Oregon, USA.

WEMBO 2021 World Solo 24 Hr Championships.   We are still awaiting an announcement about international Travel to Australia.   WEMBO will only conduct these world championships if we can be fair to all riders.   For example, having an Australian rider who has been training, compete angainst a USA rider who has had to quarantine for 2 weeks in a hotel, is not something we define as fair.   At this stage, we are planning for the 2021 WEMBO World CHampionships to go ahead in Armidale, NSW, Australia on 6/7 November 2021.   We are looking at contingencies if COVID makes this unachievable.   Some examples:

  • If no international riders can travel to Australia - the championships wil be deferred to a future date and the 2022 WEMBO World Solo 24 Hr Championships will go ahead in Italy as planned.   WEMBO will not hold the event in Armidale in 2021 (however the Australian Championships will take place there on the same weekend, run by NEMTB).
  • If only New Zealand riders can travel to Australia - WEMBO will hold an Asia/Pacific Continental Championships on 6/7 November in Armidale (noting that in 2019 only Australian and New Zealand riders participated).   The event will also double as the Australian Solo 24 Championships in the same fashion as 2019. 

A final decision on the 2021 WEMBO World Solo 24 Hr Championships will be made in July and announced end of July - in the same fashion as we addressed COVID effects in 2020.



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